3 Deadly Cowlick Sins

Kick goodbye to Cowlicks!

I am cursed with the COWLICK! Not just one, but 3 deadly confused hair patterns! One at the crown, another at the nape of the neck and last but not least in the fringe. And to add insult to injury, my hairline grows into a widows peak (V shape)- Suddenly it seems that I have inherited all the worst parts of my genes so let’s just hope that my future isn’t prematurely rooted in any signs of my dad’s grey locks!

What is a COWLICK?

Hairstyles Cowlick

Check out the Jessica Alba’s hairline cowlick! Finding a haircut to work with your cowlick can makes a huge difference to your style!

A cowlick is the point from which the hair naturally grows. Normally the hair growth pattern is in one direction, but with a cowlick, the unruly piece of hair grows in a direction different from the rest of the hair and resists being combed flat. It can often affect your hairstyle.

Because you are born with this irregular hair growth pattern, changing it can be challenging!

Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyle Pictures Cowlick

A cowlick adds height in the front of Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair!

A good hairstylist will work with your cowlick and may even be able to cut your hair into a style that flatters or camouflage the cowlick and minimizes its appearance. Alternatively, in more severe cases an unruly cowlick can be chemically straightened.

Fact: Longer styles seem to camouflage a cowlick because the weight of the hair covers it up. Cowlick’s are more obvious in straighter hair than curly hair!

Let’s have a look!

  • The crown

Have you ever woken up and it feels like you have a hole at the back of your head? (usually at the flat part of the crown) This is because the hair has separated at the crown and is lying flat in the various directions that it grows-forward towards the forehead, out toward the sides and then downward towards your nape.

In severe cases, it may give the appearance that your hair is thinning. However, it is only an optical illusion!

  • The Nape

Some people have only one cowlick at the back, so it looks as though the hair sort of swirls over to one side at the bottom of the hairline. However those of you, like me who are lucky enough to have 2 cowlicks, making the hair on both sides swirl toward the centre, will have what is commonly referred to as a duck’s tail!

Unfortunately, as it happens there is not a whole lot that you can do to change the direction that the hair is growing in!

  • Font Hairline Cowlick

This is a particularly common type of cowlick, but the good news is that you can eventually train your hair to sit in the opposite direction! A longer and heavier fringe/bang can help to disguise hairline cowlicks.

Kristen Stewart Long Wavy Hair Cuts

There’s no escaping the cowlick for Twilight star Kirsten Stewart.

Blast your Cowlick into oblivion with a blowdry/blowout!

NYC Hair Stylist Eva Scrivo expert tips for blowdrying a cowlick at the hairline:

  1. Starting from a middle part at the crown, section wet bangs into a triangle, with an outer points at each temple.
  2. Section off the front-most part of the triangle, straight across, and clip the rest out of the way.
  3. Use a blowdryer with a nozzle attachment to direct airflow at hair while pulling bangs smooth from underneath with your oval brush a couple of times.
  4. Then brush bangs in a criss-cross motion flat against your forehead as you blowdry — a key move if you have a cowlick to tame.
  5. Section a second part of the wet bangs straight across above the first, clip the remainder out of the way, and repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. With the last section, repeat steps 3 and 4, then smooth entire bang from underneath with the brush, holding it so the back is flat against your forehead.

Lindsey Lohan has a cowlick right in the front hairline.

Top Tips

Pin your fringe/bang in the opposite direction when you are sleeping. Over time this weakens the strength of the cowlick so that it is less severe.

For a crown cowlick, this is my little trick. As I have a prominent cowlick at the crown I discovered that by massaging the area in a circular motion with the tips of my fingers and pulling the hair lightly away from the roots persuades the hair to fall in the direction of the normal hair growth.

At the nape area, dry the hair flat against the nape with a comb or a paddle brush away from the direction that the cowlick is growing. This prevents any root lift and stops the hair springing up.

Claudia Schiffer deals with her double cowlick by keeping her hair long.


Desperate  Housewives star, Vanessa Williams works her cowlick to suit her style!

What tricks have you found useful? Feel free to share, Tasha :-)