Want to know the truth about Hair Extensions?

We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly, but when it comes to hair extensions, what’s the truth?
I asked senior stylist Alison O’ Brien from cutting-edge hair salon Origin Hair Design Cork to give us the inside scoop on how to get the best out of hair extensions.

The Myth

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories…

  • Hair extensions are bad for your hair
  • Hair extensions cause hair to thin
  • Hair extensions cause bald patches

Sound familiar? Just some of the lingering accusations that fall in the shadow of the controversy surrounding hair extensions.

But is this really the case or is it simply down to not being educated about what are good and bad hair extensions?

Combine that with a bad stylist and the wrong type of maintenance and you have yourself a hair disaster in the making and a bad rep!

Bad hair extensions are rumoured to be the cause of Coleen McLoughlin’s patchy scalp.

At one point, Britney Spears made more headlines for her bad extensions rather than her music

The Truth

The truth of the matter is that when done correctly hair extensions are the quick and easy way to transform your hair and colour into your dream style. I for one love hair extensions, so much so that I have even promised my little sister her very own flowing tresses as a graduation present.

But…and here is the big BUT-

Hair extensions are only good WHEN:

  • You have chosen to research what type of hair extensions you are getting
  • The hair extensions are made from good quality hair
  • The service is carried out by a competent, skilled and professional stylist, not by a ‘cowboy’ hairdresser. And be warned, there are many out there only too willing to take your money!

Victoria Beckham is renowned for her changing hairstyles and it’s all thanks to her fabulous hair extensions!

Olivia Palermo’s luscious lengths are a definite headturner!
Lauren Conrad is a definite hair crush!

Kim Khardashian often wears a clip in fringe instead of cutting her hair.

Rooney Mara | Long hair extensions | New Pictures | Now magazine

Rooney Mara filming in New York with her new dip-dyed hair extensions

The face of L’Oreal, Cheryl Cole’s luscious extensions put her in the limelight every time!

The fact is that when done correctly hair extensions should not cause any damage to the growth and condition of your own natural hair. If they have, then you have had either bad quality hair extensions, had them put in incorrectly or didn’t manage them with the tlc they need.

Elle Mc. Phearson with extensions and au natural.

Introducing their new and exciting hair extension range at Origin Hair design Alison give us the lowdown on Micro Beading.

Q: What is micro beading?


Micro Beading is a unique hair extension system which uses NO glue. The system works using a high quality Spanish hair which is loped through a micro ring(bead) to create a strong bond. These micro bead extensions are ideal for adding length, volume or a pop of colour to your hair.

Q: What’s the difference between bonded (which uses glue) and non bonded hair extensions?


Firstly it comes down to preference, some women simply don’t like the idea of glue in their hair which makes the micro beading an excellent
alternative. I’d recommend that anyone having extensions for the first time go for the micro beaded option. It’s the perfect option to try out if they’re not 100% sure which technique to choose.
Secondly, it comes down to hair type. Women with very fine hair are often too afraid of putting too much stress on the hair and scalp so they tend to lean toward the micro beading system especially as they find them easier to maintain and remove afterwards.

Q: Before getting extensions, what do clients need to consider?


Suitability: What is the condition/texture/length of the hair
Colour: Are you enhancing an effect such as Balayage
Budget: How much hair do you really want/need?
Are you looking for extra length/thickness or statement hair?

Q: Why is it important to have extensions put in by a professional?


Only a professional would have the knowledge, expertise and skill to advise, apply and remove extensions with the precision and care that is needed. Extensions can cause damage to the natural hair and scalp if they are carelessly applied or removed, causing bald spots, scalp irritation and soreness. A professional service will provide better quality hair,
colour match up and from an aesthetic point of view they will look better.

Q: What’s the recommended Hair Length for putting in hair extensions?


To get a better and more natural blend I’d recommend the natural hair to be at least 6 inches long.

Q: How much maintenance does hair extensions require?


Avoid tangles and matting the extensions by brushing regularly with a soft brush.

Use a recommended salon light weight shampoo and conditioner to avoid
build up of product in the hair.

Tie hair in a loose plait while sleeping.

Treat the extensions like they are your own hair. Remember that overusing any heated hair tools can cause damage! A full aftercare guide should be provided by the salon.

Q: Can the extensions be coloured?


I wouldn’t recommend over-colouring while the extensions are in your hair, but they can be coloured.

Q: What are some of the do’s and dont’s?


DO be realistic about the length and condition of your own hair when choosing extensions.

DON’T be afraid to have a consultation to ease any concerns you might have about the process.

Q: How long are they meant to last?


2-3 Months usually but as with everything it depends on your hair type, your own growth cycle, natural shedding of hair and how well you care
for your extensions.

See Alison in action on You Tube!

Now that you have the 411 on hair extensions, girls get ready to embrace your inner celebrity and be transformed in a few hours in the safe hands of the team at Origin Hair Design.

All enquiries welcome, plus complimentary consulatation. Call into the luxury salon on Drawbridge St. Cork or call 021-4270155 for further enquiries.