‘The Bb treatment not only smoothens hair and reduces frizz, it increases shine and manageability for up to 30 shampoos!’ Pamela Morrissey, Sobe Brown.

Want frizz-free, softer, shiny, smoother and more manageable hair?

The Answer- The Bumble and bumble CONCEN-Straight Pro Smoothing treatment.

Where? Sobe Brown Cork.

You can only imagine my excitement when leading celebrity stylist and winner of the Irish Businesswoman 2010 Award, Pamela Morrissey, whose acclaimed work has graced the pages of top glossies throughout the country including, IMAGE magazine and cult TV shows like, XPOSE and Don’t tell the bride, invited me to try out and review the new and exclusive Bumble and bumble CONCEN- Straight Pro Smoothing Treatment, now available at her cutting-edge Cork based salon, Sobe Brown.

(Pamela at Sobe Brown)

What’s more is that it couldn’t have come at a better time!


Frizzy, Fine, coarse and unmanageable tresses seeks supple and smooth talking, shiny Barnet for locks of happy hair days ahead- No teasing need apply!

Hair type: Frizzy

Hair texture: Fine

Hair History: Processed to within an inch of another split end!

Not only has my tired tresses battled daily styling sins and heated run-ins with my much overused flatirons, but my lusting for love locks has been subjected to hair deterrents such as chlorine and everyday pollutants, not to mention a lifetime worth of chemical processes, in one year alone!

In the last 12 months, my locks have been tempted by the proposition that blondes have more fun’, which may be true but unfortunately not when your hair is fraying at the tips!

From there I became an aspiring red head…

….until I eventually made my way back to my roots as a brunette.

It’s been a brittle hair journey and in short, my over heated and underloved tresses has duly suffered!

Bye Bye Frizz…

Prior to my treatment, I was advised to avoid colouring my hair and on the day of my treatment, I was instructed to arrive at the salon with my hair in its natural state, which means after shampooing I used no conditioner or styling products and left my hair to dry naturally. The results-Frizz! Thankfully wearing hairscarfs are back in fashion as I made my way across town with my offending Barnet hidden from the world!

Walking into Sobe Brown, I instantly felt relaxed. The staff are warm and friendly and the decor calm yet contemporary with a quirky undertone. sobestaffall2011.jpg

(SB staff)

My stylist, Aisling instantly put me at ease as she explained the process of the CONCEN-Straight PRO SMOOTHING TREATMENT and answered all of my concerning questions in detail.

She also explained that the team at Sobe Brown have been trained in carrying out the treatment to the highest standards by Bumble and bumble’s esteemed national education manager UK, Mark Coates.

I knew I was in safe hands and couldn’t wait to see the results, but as I looked at my dried out tired hair in the mirror, I couldn’t help but wonder if my hair could really feel softer and silkier in just one hour.

And I must admit, I had my doubts!

  • Fact: CONCEN-Straight is NOT a Brazilian keratin (12-week blowdry). It is Formaldehyde free, Cysteine free and Lye free. It is gentle enough to use on ALL hair types: colour treated, chemically processed, bleached or highlighted. It can also be used on pregnant women.

Aisling began by prepping my hair for the treatment, shampooing first and then applying the solution to my hair.

Before I knew it, time was up and I was back at the basin to have my hair rinsed.

As Aisling dried my hair smooth and straight, I couldn’t believe how shiny my hair was beginning to look. Not just that but it was visibly in better looking condition and it definitely felt softer- Plus it still had volume!

Aisling explained that after 24 hours I could wash and style my hair anyway I desired- She reminded me that this isn’t a straightening treatment.

And before I left she gave me strict instructions to follow over the next 24 hours to ensure maximum results from my treatment.

Aftercare- The Golden Rules:

  • For the next 24 hours, keep hair dry. That means no exercise or anything that will cause hair to sweat, which will upset the process and alter the results.

  • Avoid pinning, tying or tucking the hair behind the ears until after the first wash.

  • Wait at least two weeks before colouring my hair.

  • Use the Bb Straight Line range at home to prolong the results of my treatment .

  • As heat activates the technology, Aisling says that for maximum results I should use the Bb Blow Dry before drying or using hot tools on my hair.

So I was absolutely thrilled when she gave me a goody bag packed full with all the Straight Line treats that include, the Bb sulfate-free shampoo, the Bb conditioner and the Bb Straight Blowdry, all available at Sobe Brown.

The skinny on the Straight Line!

  • The Straight Line was specifically developed to help maintain the results of the CONCEN-Straight Pro Smoothing Treatment.

  • It was designed for hairtypes like mine in mind, which is basically someone who wants to reduce frizz, maximise shine, improve condition and essentially cut in half the time it takes to style hair.

  • All three products smell light and fresh and do not weigh the hair down.

  • As effective on thick and coarse hair as on fine and frizzy hair.

  • Bb. Straight Blow Dry was a favourite with stylists backstage at NFW.

The Results

It’s been 48 hours since I had the Bb CONCEN- Straight PRO SMOOTHING TREATMENT and so far I am thrilled! Apparantly my hair is looking MINT!

I have also been swimming and usually as I leave with my hair airdrying I run for cover, as I feel the frizz taking over, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that my once unruly hair was looking significantly tamer.

I am delighted that after the treatment I still have alot of texture in my hair, which I love, plus volume and lots of movement!

But the best thing for me is the condition, which has visibly improved and YES!!! I must admit that my hair is looking shiny and healthy without the mask of any serums or shine sprays.

I would describe the Bb treatment as an intensive thirst quenching, moisturising treatment that gives hair 80% less frizz, more manageability and easier and faster styling and with all the benefits of great condition and shine.

Thanks to Pam and Aisling at Sobe Brown for giving my tresses some much needed TLC. I love it…

Happy hair days all round!

The Bb range is available for retail at Sobe Brown.

For a consultation or more information about the Bb CONCEN-Straight Pro Smoothing Treatment, contact Christine at Sobe Brown at: 021 4222 407

or e-mail:

Alternatively, call into the salon located at the Island House, Morrisons Quay, Cork.