The Battle is on Against Colour Fade- Meet the experts from Kaizen Hair Studio.

From rainbow coloured hair to the brightest coloured hues this season it’s all about hair colour but more importantly it’s about making it last!Colored-Hair-Spring-2012-Fashion-Week

Take action and Combat Colour Fade!

Protecting your coloured tresses is the first step toward achieving longer lasting colour. And with Spring and Summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to start!

From Kaizen hair studio cork, hair experts and award-winning stylists Cliona Fitzgerald and Katie Lawlor share some top tips for getting the most out of your hair colour with Alfaparf’s colour care line, the Semi Di Lino Diamante range.


Cliona says,

In the salon we use a colour block treatment from Alfaparf’s Semi Di Lino Diamante range, which contains linseed extract and a revolutionary anti-fading colour block technology. Because your cosmetic colour is lost during the first couple of washes, the semi di lino colour block treatment, which is applied to hair after any colour service, locks the colour into the hair shaft and holds the colour on the mid lengths and ends for considerably longer.

Karen Elson Red Hairf

Karen Elson’s fiery red hair looks amazing but red hair colour is also one of the fastest fading colours and requires the most care!

Katie explains,

Alot of my clients that have vibrant hair colour eg: coppers and reds see a huge difference in maintaining the vibrancy of their hair colour after having this treatment!

Save your colour: Use Sulphate free shampoo

One of the key ingredients to getting longer lasting colour and better looking hair is by using a Sulphate Free Shampoo. But what does it mean?

Fact: Shampoo that contains sulphate ingredients will eventually strip your hair of its natural oils. This  leads to hair drying out faster than normal.

Top 5 reasons NOT to use shampoo that contains sulphate.

According to research:

  1. Some studies suggest that long-term exposure to sulphates can have damaging effects on hair follicles and be part of the underlying reasons for thinning hair.
  2. Sulphates can dry out the scalp. If you’re prone to an itchy flaky scalp or dandruff, using sulphate shampoos will irritate the scalp even more and make it worse.
  3. People with really dry hair or eczema should avoid sulphate loaded products.
  4. People with oily skin should avoid shampoo with sulphate! Yes it’s true because as the product strips the oil away, the body will produce even more oil to replace what has been lost.
  5. Sulphates will fade the colour in your hair every time you wash it…That’s money down the drain girls!

Katie says,

The Semi di lino Colour protection shampoo is a sulphate free shampoo that gently cleans your hair while at the same time protecting your hair colour.

Also included in the colour care range is the:

  • Colour protection conditioner, which moisturises hair and gives longer lasting colour protection.
  • Colour protection crystals, which protect hair colour by shielding it against the suns uv rays, pollution and harmful free radicals.

Protect your colour on holidays!

KaiZen also stock the Semi Di Lino Diamante colour protection Travel Pack which is available for retail and contains 100ml shampoo, 100ml conditioner and 16ml crystal serum.

  • For further information on any of the Semi di lino range or to make an appointment, contact KaiZen hair studio on:

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